Musicals Steppin' UP Dance Party

Musicals... Because who doesn’t want a world where we break into song and dance?’

Let Steppin’ UP host your very own Musical Theatre Party! Do you have a favourite soundtrack, or story that you have been wishing to jam to in forever? 

Do not fret! Steppin’ UP is here to help make this happen for you! Let us know your all time favourite stage show, and we can do our best to create those special memories with your family and friends. 

It’s true when they say what if life were more like theatre. Wouldn’t life be grand?

Finally, at the end of the party, every participant will be awarded a certificate to take home as a special memory of the day. 

Included in a Steppin’ UP Themed Party (£125):

  • Room decorations

  • Plates, tablecloths and table decorations 

  • A chest of costumes and props for the guests to wear

  • A party leader (dressed up!) for 2 hours (to include a 30 min food break)

  • We set up the decorations for you if in a village hall, or help in your home

  • Invitations, Certificates and Thank You Cards for up to 20 guests

Not included in a Steppin’ UP Themed Party:

  • Food


  • Over 20 guests

  • Bubble Machine

  • Party Bags 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your musical party now -

the show won't start without you!

To find out more details, email