Steppin' UP Seniors steps UP the difficulty and is for young people ideally for ages, 11-16 years old. 

Steppin' UP Seniors empower our members to express themselves, improve their fitness and feel good about themselves. Our routines can be challenging, but our teachers will support you every step of the way. Learn routines to the latest hits in these fun and fast paced classes. If you are new to dance but aged 11+, don't worry we will soon make you feel at home.

Autumn Term: Showcase Demo to Families 

Spring Term: Music Video Production Project

Summer Term: Dance Show in a Theatre 

When joining a Steppin' UP class a £30 membership fee is required. Any additional siblings that wish to join are charged a £15 membership fee.

This fee enrols you as a Steppin' UP member and gives you access to all of these fantastic membership benefits.

£18.50 a month

UP Studios






Tuesday 15th September 2020

Sarisbury Green Community Centre

Sarisbury Green




Wednesday 16th September 2020

Steppin' UP - Body Positive Dance Classes

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