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Vanquishers... you better be ready to get your sassy pants on and make every hair flick count with us! 

Calling the entire adult community who wish to:

a.) do something for themselves

b.) improve their fitness, without the chore of visiting the gym!

c.) learn self love through dance

d.) be brave and try something brand new, or re-live childhood hobbies. 

Vanquish is for you, because #UMatter


All welcome & All supported. 

Booking required for COVID purposes, and you can do this by completing the following booking form:

Please note, a simple PAR-Q form will need completing prior to attending the class. 

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Such a fantastic dance class - Danika is an incredible teacher who is a brilliant mixture of enthusiastic and patient. I'm not a natural dancer but I feel at ease in this class, feel like I get a good workout and best of all, have lots of fun doing it!

— Holly, Vanquish

Class Schedule

Sarisbury Green Community Centre

Sarisbury Green



£7 Per Class 

Block Booking Discounts Available