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Steppin' UP Juniors

Steppin' UP Juniors is an introductory class for children ages, 4-7 years old. 

If your child can’t wait to show off their latest moves or you see them wiggling in their bedroom, this is the perfect class for them to express themselves! We start with warm ups and games and then move into teaching parts of hip-hop, street and commercial dance routines, with plenty of time to stop and see what they think goes with the music too. 

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Calling all adults who want to:

a.) do something for themselves

b.) improve their fitness without going to the gym!

c.) love the way dancing makes them feel

d.) want to learn something new?

Vanquish is for you. All welcome. All supported. 

PAYG, or block booking options!

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Steppin' UP Company

Steppin' UP Company is a class for children ages, 7-11 years old.


Our Company classes are inclusive, welcoming dance troupes that allow every member to grow in confidence, self-esteem and technical dance skills in a positive environment. Our groups empower their members to express themselves, improve their fitness and feel good about themselves, alongside making new friends and learning new skills.

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For all ages and abilities, these classes are fun, drop- in sessions for the whole family! Each week is a different track, with a different routine. These sessions are all about bonding as a family, feeling positive and body confident and having lots of fun, as well as being great exercise.

Coming soon - drop us an email for more information. 

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Steppin' UP Seniors

Steppin' UP Seniors step UP the difficulty and is ideal for younger people aged 11-16 years old. 

Seniors empower our members to express themselves, improve their fitness and feel good about themselves . Our routines can be challenging, but our teachers will support you every step of the way. Learn routines to the latest hits in these fun and fast paced classes. If you are new to dance but aged 11+, don't worry we will soon make you feel at home.

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Ideal for all young people who are home educated and want a bit of groove and Hip Hop in their life! We're here to help our students to stay active, feel body positive, confident and learn how to dance. 

Home Education Classes

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