Steppin' UP Dance Parties 

Its Party Time at Steppin' UP! We are now offering Steppin' UP Dance Parties for everyone that would like to have a groovin' time at their party! We offer 3 packages to choose from, which can be customised to the Bday groover!

Check out the options below and get in touch for more information and how to book!  

20% off parties for Steppin' UP members! 

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Please note, we do not book venues and only offer parties that are booked in halls or outdoor venues [For example- Garden]. Refreshments are also not included in the above packages. 

£50 Deposit required and all payments are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule, this can be done free of charge with 1+mnths notice, but the remaining fee of the party is payable 1 month before the event date.