Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Miss Danika


Hi! I'm Danika, and I am a Director of Steppin' UP. My favourite thing to do is inspire the people we work with to be the best version of themselves, and develop self confidence and love - which is something we know everyone deserves! How better to do this than through dancing?! When training in my younger years, I aspired to become a professional performer but having had physical limitations during my dancing career, I was unable to pursue this. However, my dreams did not stop there! This has only inspired me to offer more to our communities who need a boost, and help our students to learn to love who they are through our fun, creative and unique classes.


When I'm not teaching, I am busy planning more exciting opportunities for you ... or you'll find me watching Disney films, or Movie Musicals!!

I am a member of UDO (United Dance Organisation) and I cannot wait to start taking our squad to competitions in the near future. 

Welcome to the Steppin' UP and Vanquish family, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Rosie

Founder & Director

Hello! I'm Rosie and I work 'in the background' of Steppin' UP with the marketing and admin and send Danika lots of videos of cool routines and dance challenges saying 'can we do that, can we do this?!' I had the idea for Steppin' UP in 2019 as I was thinking about what I would have loved as a kid (and now!), and what I wanted my daughter to think and feel about herself as she grew up. I knew that I was, (and sometimes still am!) very self conscious about my body and saw myself differently to how others saw me. Our perceptions of ourselves and of our bodies can be a source of great unhappiness and so I wanted to create an environment where every person, no matter their ability, shape or size, felt welcome and also, importantly, left feeling proud of themselves and empowered.


I wanted to dance for fun, and didn't want to be left out! And this is why I asked Danika if we could start 'Vanquish' classes for adults. Dancing feels so good, it really lifts my spirits and so I hope more than anything, that the children and adults who come to our classes leave feeling positive, proud and powerful!

Steppin' UP is all about making you feel good and I am so excited to share all of our types of classes, workshops and new ideas with you.

Miss Freya

Assistant Teacher

Hello, I'm Freya and I joined the team in 2020. I help Danika on Wednesdays at Sarisbury Green and I really enjoy looking after the little ones and helping them to learn the steps that Danika is teaching.

I think it is really important for children and young people, like myself, to feel confident and be themselves, which is why I love working for Steppin' UP - as it is for everybody.

I hope to meet you at one of our classes or workshops soon.

Miss Ellena

Assistant Teacher

Hi, I'm Ellena. Since starting college I help out at Steppin' UP workshops and events. And yes, me, Freya and Rosie are all related (sisters)! I've always enjoyed joining in with dance and drama classes, but what I enjoy more is helping our Juniors classes, as I just love it when they do something new and are so happy with what they have achieved and are clearly having an amazing time dancing. When I'm not at college or helping with a workshop, I am very much an animal person and you'll find me down the yard with horses or teaching my dog, Koda, a new trick. See you soon!