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Meet The Team


Miss Danika
Principal & Co-director

Hi! I'm Danika, and I am a Director of Steppin' UP. My favourite thing to do is inspire the people we work with to be the best version of themselves, and develop self confidence and love - which is something we know everyone deserves! How better to do this than through dancing?! When training in my younger years, I aspired to become a professional performer but having had physical limitations during my dancing career, I was unable to pursue this. However, my dreams did not stop there! This has only inspired me to offer more to our communities who need a boost, and help our students to learn to love who they are through our fun, creative and unique classes.


When I'm not teaching, I am busy planning more exciting opportunities for you ... or you'll find me watching Disney films, or Movie Musicals!!

I am a member of UDO (United Dance Organisation) and SDI [Street Dance International]. 

I have a Level 2 Group Exercise/ETM certification. I am Adult and Paediatric First Aid with an Enhanced DBS, and I have a total of 10yrs of teaching experience and 23 years of dance experience. I have recently completed my Level 2 Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health.

Welcome to the Steppin' UP family, and we look forward to groovin' with you soon!

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Miss Rosie
Founder & Co-director

Hello! I'm Rosie and I work 'in the background' of Steppin' UP with the marketing and admin and send Danika lots of videos of cool routines and dance challenges saying 'can we do that, can we do this?!' I had the idea for Steppin' UP in 2019 as I was thinking about what I would have loved as a kid (and now!), and what I wanted my daughter to think and feel about herself as she grew up. I knew that I was, (and sometimes still am!) very self conscious about my body and saw myself differently to how others saw me. Our perceptions of ourselves and of our bodies can be a source of great unhappiness and so I wanted to create an environment where every person, no matter their ability, shape or size, felt welcome and also, importantly, left feeling proud of themselves and empowered.


I wanted to dance for fun, and didn't want to be left out! And this is why I asked Danika if we could start 'Vanquish' classes for adults. Dancing feels so good, it really lifts my spirits and so I hope more than anything, that the children and adults who come to our classes leave feeling positive, proud and powerful!

Steppin' UP is all about making you feel good and I am so excited to share all of our types of classes, workshops and new ideas with you.


Miss Jasmine
Dance Teacher

Hey! I'm Jasmine, and I am a dance teacher at Steppin' UP. I love helping others build their confidence and bring joy and positivity to themselves and those around them. I enjoy creating a fun and supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves. When I trained as a dancer, I lacked confidence and this inspired me to want to teach others to overcome their fears and build their belief in themselves. Dance is a great way to express ourselves and this inspires me to work with the students to help them build confidence whilst having fun!


When I'm not teaching, I am usually dancing too or getting involved in outdoor adventures. I just love to move and stay healthy ... or you'll find me watching Disney films, motorbike racing or the Friends series for the millionth time!!


I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults for over 10yrs and graduated with a BA(Hons) in Dance from Kingston University in 2015. I have been involved in many UDO competitions and performed at Breakin’ Convention in 2017. I have trained at Studio 68 London training academy for 3yrs and continue to learn new skills and work on various projects.


Miss Sarah
Dance Teacher

Miss Erin
Cover Teacher

Hello all, my name is Erin and I am so excited to join, the Steppin' UP team.


I am a qualified Early Years Teacher, Dancer/ Professional Multi-skills Performer, Performing Arts Facilitator and qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor. Yes, I wear many hats! And I love it!

Back in the day I was an internationally competitive athlete in baton twirling, and this inspired the rest of my career. I graduated from Winchester University in 2018 with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Choreography and Dance. It was during my degree that I found that I could share my passion for contemporary dance with others and began to prioritise safe and technical practice. 

As a member of D@win Dance company, I toured around schools and colleges (11-18) teaching classes and workshops, including technique and repertoire. I have also performed in Virginia, USA with D@win, and taken classes in New York City.

After university, I worked in Cyprus as a dancer, performing six nights a week in a range of styles including, jazz, street and Irish. As well as performing live, I have also been in music videos and as an extra in films. 

I also have experience modelling for bridal and prom wear in both shoots and catwalks.

But, my absolute favourite performing skill is fire dance/breathing and stilts. These multi-skills have seen me to lots of fun and interesting events all over the UK.

When I am not performing, I am doing my other passion, that is teaching, either in early years setting, primary schools or in performing arts school settings. I pride myself on being enthusiastic and engaging and allowing the children to follow their interests whilst weaving in teachable moments.  

I have Adult and Paediatric First Aid Certifications, Enhanced DBS, as well as, lots of Safeguarding Training. 

Meet The SUP Team

Hi- I am Sarah and I am a dance teacher at Steppin' UP. I love being a part of Steppin' UP as I love inspiring children through dance and getting them to be the best versions of themselves. Dance brings the best out of children, it improves their confidence, balance, coordination and team work as well as performance skills and many more. It brings me joy and has done ever since I started dancing at the age of 3.

When I am not teaching, I am sometimes adjudicating competitions. I also love baking and cooking as I find it very therapeutic. I am also a massive Disney lover, so probably watching Disney movies or musicals. I also love going on walks with my golden retriever. 

I am a Member of the IDTA and the ADFP. I have achieved a high level of dance exams including my IDTA level 4 diploma in dance teaching in freestyle dance. I have also got a qualification in 1st 4 Sport Level 3 certificate in supporting the delivery of physical education and school sport. I am currently working towards my Licentiate qualification as even teachers need to learn more to become the best teachers they can be. I have also become an ADFP adjudicator.



Miss Freya
Assistant Teacher


Miss Farran
Assistant Teacher

Lilly May Photo.jpg

Miss Lilly-May
Cover Assistant Teacher


Miss Jess 
Student Assistant 

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Miss Phoebe
Student Assistant 


Miss Penny
Student Assistant 

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